Working hard on getting us to some of the coolest and most entertaining shows and events 2016 has to offer…

Its January and so far, Punks have club stands at some of the biggest and best automotive events in the UK.  We also have Punks drives out, track days, drift days, auto tests and sprints and other community based awesomeness to add into the calendar. Don’t forget, tickets wont hang around forever, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

A little low down so far…..

21st February Super Peaks Meet “The Rehappening”

facebook_event_163411403018388418th March OPL Blyton Track day

blyton2nd April Spring Performance Car Action Day

Springactioncover9th April Punks go to The Fast Show 2016

facebook_event_152557327774138723rd April Punks go to Japfest 2016

facebook_event_169300524094027430th April Punks go to Donington Historic Festival 2016
facebook_event_20287326338832519th June Super Peaks Meet 2

26th June Punks at Japfest 2 2016
facebook_event_165794499114636410th July Jap Show
facebook_event_85205437156028819th August Punks Summer Holiday
facebook_event_91965167478508225th August Retro Rides

facebook_event_4426347992621028th September punks at JAE
25th September Punks go to Trax

23rd October Super Peaks Meet 3

You can follow these events on the forum or subscribe to the events on the Facebook page as well as pinning the Punks Events Calendar to your homescreen 😀
Never Miss out Again!

Stay tuned for more updates….


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