Monthly Archives: February 2016

Super Peaks Meet Feb 16 “The Re-Happening”

This is the story of how NOT to organise a Super Peaks Meet…. and how it all works out in the end anyway…. Here are some pics and some words…. not sent yours in yet? Dont worry, we will keep on adding pics for the

Forum Update… Badges and Kill Marks, Collect ’em all!

Back in October ’14, the CombustionPunks Forum underwent a huge makeover, a change in software and took on a whole new approach to forum life…¬†One of the reasons we moved from the old IPBoard forum to the shiny Discourse based one is because of the

Super Peaks Meet “The-Rehappening” A Run Out to Buxton

February… right now as I type, the sun is shining… in an hour? Who knows what the weather will be like… But who cares when you’re blasting round some epic driving roads with a convoy of friends… Action-Cam’s and CB radios at the ready, its

AutoTronix Rolling Road Day, What a Success!

If you follow on our facebook page, you’ll know that recently we hosted a rolling road day at South Yorkshire business, AutoTronix Developments. Members came from far and wide, some 3 hours drive, to see what power their cars were actually putting out… ¬†Others attended