finally knuckling down to the job in hand.... but what are the plans?

Well it all started off several years ago, I finished up the first project Bankruptcy, but wasn't TOTALLY happy with her... and the things I wanted to change would mean quite a bit of re-working- so I decided to sell up and start a new shell. I managed to keep via one method or anotehr all the parts that I wanted to keep, and so currently have quite a starting pile..... anyway, this is how she looked at various stages.

So I guess the next question is.... what didnt I like about her?

  1. I needed more space in the cabin... so different roll cage, and different pedal box. but the modifications to this shell to get the pedal box in were quite extensive and not worth reversing.
  2. I wanted an emptier engine bay, so decided to go for a rotary... but then changed plans again to a 3UZ V8.... but currently seeing as I have another few projects lined up we are going for standard engine and swap to V8 in a couple of years, but we will do the shell modifications while she is in this state.

That about covers the reasons for a fresh start.... so what else are we aiming for?

Seam welded, stripped out, clean engine bay, minimal rust, lowered, wide arches...... my usual MO I guess.... and this is what we are starting with, and a big pile of parts..... so off we go :D


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