, April 17, 2021

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Hi there šŸ˜€ and welcome to Combustionpunks, you and your cars home on theĀ Internet.
Here you can create a blog to tell the world (or just your friends) about your latest car based shenanigans, be itĀ maintenanceĀ or mods, shows or trackdays, you can carve your very own niche here at Combustionpunks,Ā don’t want to create by your self? you can start a blog with friends, or approach us to contribute to a blog already in place. If you ain’t feeling that creative, don’t worry, you are welcome toĀ just read through some of the community blogs already created.
Added to the possibility of creating your own blog, there is also the chat and banter of the forums, Galleries full of shiney shiney for you to look at, and the ubiquitous shop where you can pick upĀ paraphernaliaĀ related to Combustionpunks, Dropout media, and other general car stuff.
Its not all just online fun here though. there is also a growing social community with meets and the up coming show season šŸ˜€
So come on in, put your feet up and read through some of the blogs already created, Join the forums and talk to people with the same love for cars as your self, and if you are feeling creative start a blog yourself šŸ˜€
Not ready to jump in with both feet? No problem šŸ˜€ you can keep up with all things Combustionpunk at our Facebook page and twitter feed, we also have our Pinterest boards where we pin things we find around our blogs, the forum, and the internet at large.
If you have any questions or comments, shout up in the forums šŸ˜€ hope to be talking to you real soon
Matt and the rest of us šŸ˜€
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