ASI, Sat 9AM

Well we are here, the show is open, and we are gonna be getting loads of pics for you all, and hopefully some vids too… but to start you off, here are a few from our walk through the halls to collect our passes…

Sat 1:30PM.
Been a busy day so far so not had chance to wander far, luckily we are close to a couple of good stands.. so here are some pics from Mission motorsport, Cars and Car conversions, and Fueltopia Barrel Sprint… and no.. we are not thinking of getting some ‘Punks cars into FBS….. errr ok we are 😀

Mission Motorsport

Cars and Car conversions

FBS FuelTopia Barrel Sprint

More real soon… Sketchy and Jimmy are out on a mission around the Hall

Sat 3pm:

Sketchy and Jimmy have been on a wander for an hour and come back with scouting info about stuff to show you later.. and some quick snaps….

Sat 6pm:

Well its a lot easier to take pics as the show starts to empty out 😀 heres a few more for you to look at while we do a bit of a round  up of the day…. which may be a little while… we need food! its been a busy day!

Sunday 10:30AM

We are here again for another day of blogging at Autosport International #ASI15. Jimmy has already been on a wander around hall 10 before the crowds get to thick to get some more pics. We’ll be bringing pics from Hall 9 today 😀 so on to the pics.

Sun 3PM

A few pics from around Hall 9 with the grassroot autosport section….

Sat 3:30PM just got some of the pics from the live action arena downloaded off the camera… not sorted them yet, just grabbed a few random ones for ya, probably all blurry… but we’ll get the rest up later in the week, sure there are a few in there that we managed

Sun 5PM

Well the show is starting to thin out, and we are about to start packing up, but here’s a few quick pics to tide you all over till the round up tomorrow….


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