Saturday night round up… a little late due to Pizza, Beer and Cards against Humanity… A horrible game that should never be played by anyone…. damn funny though! but back to the cars!

So how was day 1? Awesome! Highlights? well we’ve only had time to see about half the show, but what we’ve seen has been damn good! and each of us have seen things that have especially grabbed our attention.

For myself, I love Huxley Motor sports drift Celica in its new livery. I’ve always loved these cars, and Huxleys work on the car is epic, it will be great to see it on track again this year.

Over to Jimmy:

Walking around the vast vast area I find myself drawn to the many many open engine bays, clam shelled race cars and pretty coloured anodized parts and linkages that we all love but never really fully understand until a good stare at what’s going on… admit it we all do it!

The opportunity to walk around here really is something that everyone should experience, the knowledge and combined experience cannot be quantified and to try to explain this would not be justifiable, get yourself here at least once.

I myself love to look at the mechanics of a vehicle, understand the workings, what bit turns, what bit twists and then try to relate that back to my own car and how that can evolve my own build.

This car here caught my attention for sure, the Chevrolet V8 powered Aquila CR1 Prototype, demonstrates fully what I mean. My head buried deep into the workings of the rear suspension i had to pull myself around the front to establish fully what i was I was looking at! I’ll let the photos do the talking for now.

Exercising my usual interest in the business end of a vehicle, heres some sensational pictures of a full on awesome race car of which i neglected to recognize what it even was…

Just look and adore

And here is Sketchy with his comments so far:

Once again I have the honor of exhibiting my car at the show, needless to say this is a personal highlight for me. Its always good to see folks appreciating what you’ve done. I’ve been hammering the Intstagram all weekend which resulted in a share on TopMiata that received in excess 1000 likes! Super speechless!

Anyway, enough about me, on to the rest of the show. Highlights so far have the many many Driftcars on display, all freshly painted and shiny in ready for the 2015 season. Pretty sure they’ll not look like it for long but its always nice to see.

My favorite so far has been this beautifully turned out 180SX on the BDC stand. SR20 Engine and various Skyline based running gear finished in black with contrasting pink interior, and demonstrating incredible lock. Pretty sure there’ll be many mumblings around the stand that this is ‘too good to drift’ but I cant wait to see it in action in 2015.

That’s all for now, there’ll be a more comprehensive round up coming soon….


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