Well we are starting 2015 as we mean to continue … Busy. So whats up first?

Since we have solved the issues with Email notifications on the forum (Finally yay! Go sign up now!!) we are now moving onto getting the theme for the blogs completed, hopefully this will be live in the coming weeks. What does that mean? that all your efforts going into the blogging looks good 😀 so all the build blogs, show coverage etc will look as shiney as they should do!

To help push this rebuild to the masses we are looking to write more coverage on the main blog ( http://combustionpunks.co.uk ) of shows, feature peoples posts from their own blogs and all the other great ideas we have been kicking around for the last few months.

The first big challenge we are going to attempt is Autosport International…. where a bunch of us have been lucky enough to help out with the MX5 stand again…. but this year we wanna do moar!  So we are gonna have a crack at live blogging the event right here. We’ve gone out and bought a few things to help us out, like a camera, and a gopro, we are taking our laptops, and hangovers / sleepless nights willing, we will try and keep a stream of photos, videos, interviews and commentary coming from the first BIG event of the year 😀

have we tested any of this gear out? Have we done this before? do we have any money for food? Do we know where we are sleeping yet? errr no…… but we know where the nearest off licence is and we’ve got a credit card so it’ll all be ok…. right? Who will be doing this stoopid stuff… that’ll be Sketchy, JimmyP and myself…… wish us luck, read our stuffs, and share to all your friends…. and seriously… go join the forum



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