If you follow on our facebook page, you’ll know that recently we hosted a rolling road day at South Yorkshire business, AutoTronix Developments.
Members came from far and wide, some 3 hours drive, to see what power their cars were actually putting out…  Others attended merely for the social, with hot drinks on hand, plenty of interesting builds from V6 to Forced Induction, as well as the attendance of the still relatively intriguing ND MX5, which also made an appearance on the rollers….

crap engineering v6
convoy to autotronixnd mx5

*More photos of the day here, courtesy of Sid Leigh*

We had a strong convoy with attendances from Birmingham, Leeds and Stoke… little collaborative convoy video here

Punks YouTube Channel

Some impressive results on the dyno, if you’re wondering about the CrapEngeneering V6 figures, yes, it was poorly. Clive ran it for some diagnostics… He also adjusted the timing on a couple of the Birmingham NA models, one was running at 18 degrees?!  Free of charge,  great guy, Clive! Impressive power from some of the 20+ year old models…

dyno print outAll in all a great day was had, from the convoys to the power runs, to the warming banter on a chilly January’s day… Looking forward to the next event, Super Peaks Meet, “The Re-happening” 21st of Feb, stay tuned!

With thanks to AutoTronix Developments and staff
School Road
South Yorkshire
S25 1YP
01909 561119


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