The next mini project was to split a spare pair of headlights and fit some LED lights. Unfortunately I don't have photos for each step, but please check out the Youtube video at the end of the post

I used 120mm and 90mm LED halos to go over the dipped and high beam bulb areas. The shape of the trim stopped the whole ring from being exposed, so I had to cut a slot into the side so the rings pass through. The rings were mocked up for position and to test

The inner trim/bezel were painted Ford Panther Black to match the interior parts I painted

I used 0.4mm wire to hold the rings in place. Its thin enough to bend/twist and also thin enough to be barely visible through the lens.

To finish the build, I installed some 450mm LED sequential strips. These now replace the sidelight and indicator bulbs. The indicator lens was painted to help blend it in.

The lenses were treated to a refurb. I started off with 600 grade wet and dry and went upto 3000, for some reason the lenses are left with some micro scratches so I'm unsure what happened there? I dropped off the lenses to a body shop to be clear coated, givng a better finish compared to the aerosol lacquer I used last time.

With the lights insalled, the last time was to wire in the halos to a seperate switch


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