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2016 Events Preparation has Begun!

Those of you who are linked in with our facebook page will have noticed more and more events are being created for next years show season…  Not only can you follow online on the forum,  Combustionpunks Forum you can also use the new calendar feature to

Some past events…. and the upcoming Deepcar Autobodies Open Day

So in the past we have helped organise some cool local events… not the award winning show stands we have had recently, some cool grassroots kinda days at some of our mates local businesses… but why mention that today? well… it is something we are

Autosport International? Yes please!!

The first big challenge we are going to attempt is Autosport International…. where a bunch of us have been lucky enough to help out with the MX5 stand again…

‘Punks Warchest Announcement

( This post is copied from the thread on the forum) Well I think we have had a very successful end to the year 🙂 trax, although wet, was a huge step for us 🙂 25 cars on our first stand is bloody impressive, and

More activity behind the scenes…

Improving Combustionpunks The past couple of weeks has been busy behind the scenes here at Combustionpunks. We have done a lot of housework, removing a couple of other websites that were running on the same server to give us a bit more breathing space, and