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Japfest ’17 Featured Cars, The Winning Whip

As JDM_Clare covered here this year we are having a bit of fun and getting the public voting on ‘Punks cars on stand so we get to know what their favorite is. and at Japfest 2017 this was … Drum Roll Please… OTTs’. 2002 Subaru impreza

SPAD ’17 Featured Cars, The Winning Whip

Featured Cars Is a cool new way of getting some of the most interesting builds, pretty rides, totally tatty, or just pristine OEM cars onto the front of the stand for some public attention at shows and events… The idea is to have some fun,

Featured Cars

Following up from the proposed fun team and solo competitions, this year we are going to start “featured cars” on stand at shows. We have long held that ANY car is welcome on the ‘Punks stand, regardless of Marque, age, standard etc. Everyone’s car is