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HOT New Shop Products Available Now!

They’re here, they’re hot and they’re in stock… ready to go! NEW MERCH! If you follow on the Facebook page, you may have seen, or even had your say on the latest CombustionPunks Logo. Still featuring the classic Punks Piston and spanner, the logo has

Club Tickets Now Live Via the ‘Punks Shop!!

We’ve been busy boys and girls over at ‘Punks HQ, working hard to get you guys to the best shows and events 2016 has to offer!  There are a few updates, lets start with the fun stuff…. We’ve been making it easier for you to

‘Punks Piston

Still working on our backlog of sticker designs 😀 next one up is the ‘Punks Piston 😀 For most of us it is one of the most important bits of our engines (well, unless you run a wankel , aint that right Spanner? ) so

Punkin Donuts

Continuing our assault on our back-log of sticker ideas, here is Punkin Donuts 😀 I’d love to take credit for this idea, but I cannot. I cannot believe I missed this idea! seriously! I had seen the “Dunkin Donuts” Logo, and made the next logical

Its a Drifty Dreme

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve slipped into the services to buy some tasty sugary goodness on the way to a show or drift day…. I guess that’s why this sticker came to be… Available in a choice of layers, colours and sizes.

Dorifuto Ring Sticker

So Sketchy came up with a pretty good idea 😀 how about a tongue in cheek poke at those Nurburgring stickers  that you see on the back of Corsas? you know the ones 😉 How about a Stylized image of a roundabout, and “Roundabout” instead of “Nurburgring”

Sweet Ride!! community cards

You know how it goes, you are somewhere minding your own business, then you suddenly come across a gem, snuggled up in the supermarket car park, or out on the street. so you introduce yourself to her, and take a few pics on your phone

For Christmas we want…….. A Vinyl Cutter

So we’ve been struggling for a while, we’ve been having loads of great ideas for stickers and other merchandise (This is a good thing) but to get anything made we are a bit restricted, minimum numbers, the desire to do 1 or 2 tests first,