Well Kinda cheating on the wiring - I still have to do a load, but atleast I dont need to include fuses, relays, complex switchgear arrangements and gauges etc etc(well, no more than I want for aesthetics) or 1 billion connections because of them all

While researching stuff for Bankruptcy I tripped over the concept of PDM (Power distribution modules) and the way they could simplify the wiring job.... and then I tripped over the AIM PDM32 which couples the usual PDM with full logging, and a 10" screen to replace all the gauges I previously planned.... so then I did the usual "Yeti Maths" about the parts that I would now not need to purchase (alot) and the time it would save (also a lot) and I convinced myself to do (alot) of saving.

Note, it was a close call between the AIM PFM32 and the Haltech Nexus r5 - which squeazes PDM, wideband and ECU into a single box and integrates with their screen/ loggers - which would have been an even simplier build, but would also mean a missed opportunity to re-use the MS3 out of the original Project Bankruptcy,,,,, I will revisit the Haltech option for the Pickup project in a couple of years.

Anyway, it got delivered yesterday, done some rudimentary testing, but to take it further I need to do some mods on the ECU (I didnt put the CANBus wires in when I first built it waaaaay back in the day)

Solder should be turning up today so I will get some pics of it running the screen later

And it is now later ..... Doesnt time fly when you are having fun :) Anyway, solder delivered, link wires soldered into the ECU.

I got some replies back from AIM support, documentation on this device is still very thin on the ground, not even a quick start guide yet. I made some assumptions that were incorrect (yep you hear that - I can admit when I'm wrong!)

  1. The ECU connects through CANBus 1 - not CANBus 0 as I had been testing with before realising about the internal link wires I hadnt put in to the Megasquirt
  2. The GPS Module requires hardwiring in to the loom to Canbus 0 - it doesnt plug in, well kinda it doesnt... more in a bit  (althought the GPS unit is supplied with a very nice screw lock plug. More on this below)
  3. I have not bought everything I need to make it work fully, even though I bought the "Kit"

Right, so to explain that lot above, hopefully it might help anyone else looking for the same info as me at the moment.

The PDM has 3 CANBus Channels, But each one is dedicated to a particular function.

CANBus0 - used for AIM expansion modules - hense this is where to wire the GPS unit to, Except that I will also be adding the RIO02 input module - which allows more input channels (an additional 19) to facilitate multiple expansions to run you need to connect via a Data Hub connection multiplier like this one:-


So it is this connection multiplier that needs connecting to the PDM- to make the connection for this (or to connect the GPS without cutting up the cable and hardwiring it in) I need to pick up an additional binder plug, I believe this one, but will confirm before placing order.


CANBus1 is used for the ECU connection.

CANBus2 is for CAN Buttons / Keyboards and for VIM (Vehicle Interface Modules) I may add CANBus buttons in the future, so will most likely pick up another binder connection to break out of the loom rather than having to modify it later.

Anyway, after getting everything connected, it appears to be working as intended :) it is reading info generated on the Stims going into the Megasquirt and transmitted through CAN, and appears to be accurate and fast reacting :) havnt had chance to test any outputs yet, or the manual switch inputs, will hopefully get to them on the weekend :D cos tomorrow I am going to try and get some more of my buld thread post up dated to document what has been done so far, and get the new shop here running.

But this is what it currently looks like jury rigged upto the ECU and battery


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