We’ve been busy boys and girls over at ‘Punks HQ, working hard to get you guys to the best shows and events 2016 has to offer!  There are a few updates, lets start with the fun stuff….

We’ve been making it easier for you to get your tickets to shows and events… You can get them direct via the ‘Punks Shop as they become available.  We’ll still remind you via the Forum and Facebook, but this is where you’ll need to purchase from!
CombustionPunks Shop

Currently Live are JAE and Spring Performance Car Action DayCaptureGet your tickets now!

*There are some changes in the way some venues are selling their tickets,  please be aware, we as a club are not behind the pricing, and please make sure you read everything properly, ie, more than once, as tickets are non refundable.  Not all events will be available to purchase via the shop. More information in the forum.

We’re excited about the addition of the ‘Punks now fully working Events Calendar with all the info and links on shows, meets, events and action days.  Pin it to your home screen now!  ‘Punks Events Calendar


Because we love what we’re part of, we’re also continuously working on bringing you the best quality club merchandise, exclusive body panels/ kits from Waspworks and in the near future, promoting community pieces via the Shop. So stay tuned for more updates, announcements and releases!


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