Hand Car Wash Horror..

Back in October I made the (big) mistake of taking the car to a hand car wash the day before a car show. I would normally wash the car myself, but the lack of spare time leading upto the show meant it was much quicker to get someone else to do it.

We arrived at the show and everything was fine until the sun beamed down onto it at lunch time. Revealing the horror of what they had done.

What did they wash it with? A brick?

The bootlid was that bad, it looks like an ultrascan photo

Luckily I've known the owner of the hand car wash for a few years so I'm hoping he'd actually do something to help. He admitted liability and agreed to sort it out. Fast forward 6-7 weeks and the car was taken to a well known bodyshop in the area. The car was dropped off just after 4pm and it looked clean and shiney.

I got home and purposely parked infront of our other car (which has factory xenon lights) and this was what I was greeted with.

Holy shit!

I got back in contact with the car wash owner and he would speak to the bodyshop the following day. They wanted the car back to sort it out but I refused. If they can't do it correct the first time, who's to say they'll do it the second time?

I contacted a local paint correction/vehicle detailing company DLB Detailing Services to seek help and to try and rectify this huge mess.

Dale had the car for 3 days and the results are unbelieveable.

I made a short video (apologies, it repeats what I've typed here)

The photos really don't do it justice. Although its 14 year old paint, I think its the best its ever looked.  Unfortunately it's now highlighted all of the inperfections and areas that need attention but that's inevitable.

I can't thank Dale enough for all of his time and effort in bringing the paint back to life


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