Choosing a set of wheels for a build is an important and daunting task. There are alot of factors to consider (well, depends how fussy you are) which include design, fitment, colour and price.

The Colt CZT has a PCD of 4x114.3 with a factory wheel size of 16x6.5j ET46

Initially I thought of all the cool JDM wheels that are common with this PCD but they're mainly 13" and 14", curse word!

Although there are a handful of wheels available on the market, not many of them took my fancy. Higher price wheels like Works,Volk etc are well out of my budget .

Browsing through eBay and Facebook market place I came across a set of these

TSW Venom 17x7j ET42

Having grown up through the Max Power era I couldn't say no to these. Plus its good to be abit different to everyone else (for good or bad reasons, you decide lol)

A good friend of mine offered to refurb them for me if I provided everything. Can't say no to that offer

I have 2 tyres which are fitted which allowed me to trial fit them. I'll get another pair in the spring time ready to fit them all properly

I attempted to make a fancy video for the Youtube channel, which confirms I need to invest in a gimbal


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