The biggest update was the fitting of my new dual friction 'Stage 1' clutch supplied by CG Motorsport.

Having never changed a clutch I seeked help from my friend Mikey who has helped me in the past with a couple of bits. Having access to a ramp certainly made thnigs easier. The only tricky part was removing the gearbox with the subframe still attached.

I replaced the rear crankshaft seal, output and input shaft seals with genuine seals. Mitsubishi couldn't get the inputshaft seal quick enough, luckily my local Mercedes dealer got it within a week. Thats one bonus of these cars sharing the engine and gearbox with the Smart Brabus Forfour

These suffer from bad input shafts on the gearbox, mine was a tiny bit noisy before but with the new clutch the noise has been amplified and its quite loud once its hot. I first noticed this while out on a drive putting some miles on it. Replacement second hand gearboxes range from £250-£450 but it's always going to be a gamble with condition. I have a friend who works at a local transmission company and he can help with the repair if I supply just the box. That may be abit tricky with Mikey's work, if not I'll have to man up and do it on the drive way (won't be looking forward to that one)

While the car was on the ramp doing the clutch I also checked the rear wheel bearings as one has become noisy. Found the culprit on the driver's side so that will need replacing very soon, luckily they are a bolt on hub unit so wouldn't take much time at all.

The car is booked in at Dynodaze on the 6th April for it's 3 port boost solenoid fitting and remap. So hopefully it's good news for the next update


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