I was getting bored of the plain black and grey interior, so I spruced it up a little by painting the air vent trims and speedo cluster rings in Nissan Bayside Blue

While it was apart I swapped the climate control bulbs for some blue LEDs.

Wednesday just gone, it was finally time to visit Dynodaze to have the car remapped.

I gave the car a wash before the travel up (this was a waste of time in the end lol)

The infamous Hot Wheels inspired wall inside the work shop

The wheels look huge in this photo

The Turbosmart 3 port boost solenoid was fitted and was ready for the dyno. Unfortunately they didn't do a power run prior to the boost solenoid.

Dynodaze pointed out an error I made in the video. It was the wastegate duty on 50%, not the injectors (even though I'm certain they kept saying injectors....anyway)

I predicted 210bhp at the flywheel and anything more was a bonus.

The car made 216hp at the flywheel, 193bhp at the wheels and 229lbft torque, very very happy with that!

The car has totally been transformed. It pulled well before ,but its much smoother which is to be expected. Having both cats still fitted is a restriction, which is something I'll possibly look into later on.


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