I've been putting off updating purely because of the lack of major updates, I'm sure the first couple below wouldn't have been worth it. Anyway... get comfy, grab some snacks and a drink...its a big one

The first change was some more painting of the interior, this time the climate control rings and the centre trim where the cig lighter is. This time I painted it in Ford Panther black, its got a great mix of metallic and pearls and its sparkly lol

While I was pulling the centre console apart, I also pulled apart the instrument/speedo cluster to add some upgrades. I seeked help from my friend Danny (who happens to have a black Colt CZT too) to solder the new SMDs to the board. I can solder, but this was far too intricate for my skill level, Danny does this for a living so it made sense.

I purchased a replacement cluster not knowing the mileage, luckily its 6k out so the original cluster is back in so the odometer matches, then this will go back in.

The factory dimmer still works which was very useful because these new ones are very bright!

The next not so exciting update was the painting of calipers. We all know the process and results so this doesn't need explaining (nor another Youtube video)

Much better


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