The final installment of this big update is a modification that is world wide regarded as VERY marmite, some like it, alot don't haha


I can sense you're all just sighing loudly,resting your face in your hands shaking your head at the screen. It wouldn't be a nod to the Max Power era if the car didn't have it

I started by feeding the power cables through the bulk head and completing majority of the wiring inside the car before I started underneath. Full details are in the Youtube video (link at the end)

I also installed an under bonnet light,feeding the wiring through the bonnet skin and through the bulk head. The sound deadening needs tidying up but its presentable for now

I had access to a four poster ramp to allow me to underseal the centre of the car and to fit the underglow. Unfortunately due to the other vehicles in the unit, I was limited to hand brushing the underseal on.

This is before, quite clean to be fair. The areas were wire brushed down followed by a coat of Kurust before the underbody seal.

The main areas sealed. The harder to reach areas will be aerosol'd at a later date

Also done the majority of the rear axle too. When the wheels are next off I'll finish those areas

Since the video I've added an in-line fuse on the positive battery lead for the fuse box, along with moving back the front LED strip to hopefully make it less visible.

And there we have it, I apologise again for the lengthy read


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