Right, there's charge in my laptop and photos transferred from my phone so let's do something slightly more blog-like

My MX5 is a 1994 import 1.8 that I've had since January 2013. In that time i have done a 3000-mile Euro road trip, blown the engine up at my first full trackday 2 weeks after, then fitted a BP4W from a Jasper Conran edition along with a Summit Racing RPM switch wired up to work the VICS. Been to a few shows with Punks and not planning to give up any time soon (sorry).

Other stuff on the car includes: Meister R coilovers, Safety21 Roll Bar & TR Lane harness bar, Jackson Racing CAI, Jass speedo surround, mk2 dash, Corbeau Sprint driver's seat, Cobra Monaco passenger seat, Mazdaspeed exhaust, numerous sets of alloys including Black Racing 14" minilites, Mazdaspeed MS01, E30 BBS, Daisy alloys (had 6 different sets of these now!) and some random white ones with Giti tyres. Then not forgetting my ship's steering wheel of course. Fitted a Megasquirt MS2 & AEM wideband over lockdown and got it working enough to drive it to my garage when i moved house in July this year, where it's sat off the road since.

In 2015 i took it to a Skuzzle Dyno Day having not long fitted the JRCAI and it did a rather noice 120whp:

Here it is at the OC trackday in 2016:

Future plans are to fit my AE111 45mm throttle bodies, tune it properly, then carry on with shows and trackdays when i have money. Also 2021 Monaco Classic/France road trip is on the cards.

Have some mostly date-ordered photos to end this post:


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