, August 01, 2021

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Kara PT1 - Destroy Or Die! (Suspension arms)

  •   1 min read
Kara PT1 - Destroy Or Die! (Suspension arms)

Im not good at denying myself toys..... with the acceptance that V8 plans would not be happening as soon as I would like, I resigned myself to just making this project as mobile as possible, as soon as possible....

so the logic goes -

  1. not doing the v8 conversion - saving time and money.
  2. refurbishing the arms Ive got would take time and money, and will cost me for the new bushings.
  3. so? new arms? time is money right? and putting the IL motorsport pushings in to some new arms will save a lotta time....

that was pretty much the discussion that happened in my head which turned into these showing up today.... ok, the Front Tops are not here yet, they are on back order, but they will prob be here loooooong before I NEED them, especially the way some of the other plans are going.

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