, August 01, 2021

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Dorifuto Ring Sticker

  •   1 min read
Dorifuto Ring Sticker
So Sketchy came up with a pretty good idea 😀 how about a tongue in cheek poke at those Nurburgring stickers  that you see on the back of Corsas? you know the ones 😉
How about a Stylized image of a roundabout, and “Roundabout” instead of “Nurburgring” Excellent idea 😀
after a little bit of banter the idea changed a little bit, from “Roundabout” to “driftabout” to “Driftingring” to the final design, complete with JDM yo! terminology “Dorifutoring” We like it 😀 hope you do too 😀
And if you do like it… you can have one 😀 cos we make them now 😀 in a wide range of colours and sizes, just ask if you cannot see what you want 😀
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