As you may have guessed by now.... Im trying to re-use as much from previous builds as possible. and one of the parts I have available is the Megasquirt3 with expansion board I built for the original #ProjectBankruptcy a whole bunch of years ago.

Since then, it also passed into the ownership of Barefoot for a few years, sitting idle in Bankruptcy for a couple of years, before returning to the Wrecktory to promptly , errr,  sit in a cupboard for a couple of years...

So I guess its time to see if it works before I make too many decisions based around it.... not that Im trying to decide between 2 different very shiney things and the operative condition of the MS3 could be the deciding factor.... but more on that later.

So, out of the cupboard it comes, along with the 2 stims for testing, all plugged together aaannnnnd......

Bugger :( well to be expected, lets find out whats up with it if I can.... so after a bit of time checking over everything, and adjusting of some dip switches on the stims that had been knocked while in storage, and flashing firmware etc etc, it powers up and according to Tuner studio appears to respond to inputs, but there are not many flashing LEDs to indicate outputs to the spark or Fuel lines... hmmm... whats up with that? more reading, in my defence, its nearly a decade since I worked on this.

I find I had forgotten about a jumper wire between the JimStim and the Expansionboard stim.... ooooo now we have nice bright LEDs. so after messing about playing with the pretty lights, and leaving it testing for a few hours, all looks good.... now to make some decisions on other electrical bits and gauges and stuff.


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