ollowing up from the proposed fun team and solo competitions, this year we are going to start “featured cars” on stand at shows.

We have long held that ANY car is welcome on the ‘Punks stand, regardless of Marque, age, standard etc. Everyone’s car is unique and special to them. We never want to be elitist and exclude anyone!

That being said, often we get asked things like “my car is awesome, can I have a spot at the front” and conversely ” my car is a bit of a work in progress, I want to come to the shows, but would like it if I was a bit further to the back”

Now, I ain’t going to go around “ranking” cars and arranging them in an order that I think is best, I am not that judgmental, and I am sure as hell not a good judge of what makes 1 car better than another, cos to my mind everyone’s car can only be judged by the owner and the criteria that they are building it to. (anyway, have you SEEN my car…. I am not one to judge anything, except maybe on basis of amount of muck on it)

In the past, we have HAD to make choices between people’s cars, mostly in limited situations, like when we had very limited stand numbers for Autosport international, or for the calendar way back in the day. In those cases, we made a community decision of who to put forward to represent us all.

so… what to do…. errr… this:-

The stands as a whole will remain open to anyone who wants to come and represent ‘Punks and have an awesome day/weekend out.

At the show, we will have a “Featured Car” section where several cars will be parked up and displayed front and centre, right next to / in front of the Gazebos.

In the run up to the show we will make a decision based on stand size of how many cars will be “feature cars” most often I think this will be 5, but in the case of small shows we may reduce this to 3, bigger shows we may up it to 7 or 8.

Anyone who wants to nominate their car to be “featured” can do so on the forum. all nominated cars will be entered into a vote on the forum. the top “X” number of cars will be “featured”
“Featured Cars” are not about the shiniest, or the most powerful, or the rarest. a lot of it will be down to passion and personality, so everyone should feel they can put their car forward, whether it is a trailer queen detailed to an inch of its life or a budget drift missile build, or an ultra-rare OEM spec JDM special.
All cars that are “featured” will get points towards the individuals and Team score boards. oh and a forum badge.

With me so far? (I really hope so, cos I aint too good at explaining stuffs)

When we get to the show, all featured cars can set up, preferably with a bit of bumf on their car about the build and modifications etc. so you can showcase what you have done to it, and we will have a voting box on the Merch stand so that visitors can vote for their favourite.

Before the end of the show, probably 3pm before everyone starts packing up, we will have a count up of the public votes. Whoever has the most votes gets declared “Toppunk” for the show. Photos will be taken, hands shaken and some kinda trophy ( don’t get too excited, it aint gonna be like the FA cup, more like a couple of Ferrero Roche wrappers glued to an old car part that I found at the back of the garage… but it’s the thought that counts right :D

) Receiving MOAR points for the friendly team and solo scoreboards. added to this there will be a goody bag for the winner, which will probably involve Toppunk stickers, custom t-shirt printed with the show name, TOPPUNK logo and name (ok, this I will probably have to make after the show and post out) and of course there will be a “TOPPUNK” badge on the forum.

– (will be glitter gold background)

Added to this, the “TOPPUNK” car will be featured on the website and Facebook pages, with a write up and photos and a bit of a commentary about the car based on the owners view point.

Also… you know those TOPPUNK stickers and merch items? they have been pulled from the shop. TOPPUNK merch will henceforth only be available for people who have been TOPPUNK. (yep, I have removed my favourite sunstrip from my MX5) Where we have offered customisation to stuff in the past, with forum name etc., TOPPUNKs will have the option of adding the TOPPUNK logo.

All in all, I hope that this will help on several things, like: –
help us organise quite a bit of the stand parking before the show day (always a pain in the ass in the morning)
add a bit of fun competition to the whole thing,
make the stand look a bit more than just a parking area.
help those proud of their car further showcase it and garner attention.
Draw a bit more attention to ‘Punks as a whole (HALO effect yeah?) and encourage people looking at our cars to interact with us a bit more, more conversations, more friends made, more fun.

I’m unsure as of yet what to do about what happens after people win…. do we say when you have won once you don’t re-enter at another show? do we say win once, skip X number of shows? At the moment I am swaying to no restrictions on re-entry at later shows, the forum vote will reflect if people are wanting to see different cars in the featured area.

Anyone have any comments / suggestions?

Also working on ideas for how we can do points at track days / drift days etc etc


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