We have quite a bit of work to do in the firewall / Pedal / steering column area. a couple of goals -

  1. Smooth out firewall
  2. Fit in a re-manufactured pedal box  (Previously used on the first bankruptcy)
  3. Do the wiring for the engine bay nicely
  4. Hide the wiper motor

With the help of a couple cups of coffee we decided that it would be easiest to cut out quite a lot of it, and start from fresh. Starting on the drivers side we haphazardly cut out the bits that we thought we would be better off without and that would give us clearance to work on what we needed.

Following on from this, we cut a cheeky recess plate for the wiring to form the centre section of the new upper edge of the firewall, Then with this and  a piece of tubing we welded in the proposed new top to the firewall. The wiring plug you can see in the pic below is the same as Bad Obsession Motorsport used on Project Binky, and sourced from their website. This may only be a temporary item as I have a real big hankering for a ful milspec connector to fit in with the aesthetics we are aiming for, but for now it will have to do as my wallet is already weeping in the corner from the abuse this project is giving it. Even with a prodigious stock of after market parts from previous projects this is getting a but pricey as we go along.


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