So we’ve been struggling for a while, we’ve been having loads of great ideas for stickers and other merchandise (This is a good thing) but to get anything made we are a bit restricted, minimum numbers, the desire to do 1 or 2 tests first, having to stick to set sizes etc. 
We want to be able to do lots of different designs, one off / small runs, but we cannot afford to keep stock, or order loads of different designs / sizes etc… so what to do.. oh, thats right, what we usually do here at ‘Punks 😀 Lets have a go at doing this ourselves 😀

I did a bit of research into vinyl cutting and vinyl printing. It quickly became apparent that going the full printing route is not very cheap to start off (understatement) so decided to stick with cut vinyl to start with. this is no biggy, there is less chance of fading / washing out, less need to laminate, and we kinda perversely like the design limitations this puts on us.
The other thing is there seems 2 ways of doing it.
1) The cheap way, Buy a Chinese brand cutter from Ebay
2) The not cheap way, But a recognised brand with support, (Graphtec, Roland, Summa)
researching it, there doesn’t seem to be any clear-cut “best route” there are plenty of people having trouble setting up or getting their chinese cutters to work. (but you would expect the guys with issues to post up more than the guys that plug in and it works) and most accepted advice seems to say “get a branded cutter, they work, the software works, you get manufacturor support”
so, for once, we’ve followed the general advice, and ordered a Graphtec Cutter from MDP Supplies ….  hopefully this works out and we’ll be able to produce the range of designs that we want 😀


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