Back in October ’14, the CombustionPunks Forum underwent a huge makeover, a change in software and took on a whole new approach to forum life… One of the reasons we moved from the old IPBoard forum to the shiny Discourse based one is because of the in-built badge system, making the forum a little more fun with badges awarded for doing stuff.

(How badges used to look…)
badges snippetWith more team members on board this year, we’re getting through the list of goals and ideas, so the badges have had somewhat of a makeover. Some of the badges are awarded for simplicity… Things like filling in your profile info, sharing your first link, receiving your first like or quoting your first quote…

We’re working on badges for most of the shows including Retro Rides and JAE as well as Donington Historic Festival and all the Track Days and Events we go to as a community… (You can see a list of all of the events on the events page.) There are also unique ones for doing honorable things like leading convoys, cooking at shows, or fetching the shopping in at weekend events… There are more in progress and we are taking suggestions over on the forum… Badge Suggestions


We’re quite excited about these new style badges, and ‘cus we’re all big kids at heart, we want stickers!!!  So event related badges are being made into cool little decals, approximately 50mm in size and affectionately named “Kill Markings” by Yeti. Stick em on your windscreen, your dash, your fridge, bedboard, anywhere you like… Collect them all!! The first available one of 2016 will be for the Super Peaks Meet Sunday 21st Feb… Don’t Miss Out!

See you there 🙂
Full rundown of the Badges HERE


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