In general, the shell is in pretty good condition... especially for a bare shell that has been out in the elements for a while, but there are a couple of areas that need attention... the usual MX5 problem areas... so rear of the sills, the chassis rails, and Im guessing the rear arches... but they have already been cut and welded up, Cos Painterdave was going to wide arch it before I bought it from him.... no worries there, I wide arch everything I get my hands on. Although Dave wasnt going to go as BIG so we need to trim out more.

The work on the shell actually has been started and stopped many times around other work. in the pic above you can see some of the results of leaving Dubboy alone with a grinder when you go to put kettle on.. we were laying fibreglass while talking about the shell..

Him -"you seam welding it?"
Me - "Yeah , think i will. Right, gotta let this gelcoat cure for 20 mins - you want a coffee?"
Him - "yeah."

I come back and the shell is getting attacked with grinder and welder... that boy just cant sit still for even the 3 mins it takes me to boil a kettle.

Anyway, thats how the seam welding started.....

Chassis rail panels were sourced from the awesome guys over at The MX5 Restorer . As you can see from the pics, they fit really well and went on a treat, at the price they are asking it really isnt worth fabricating up your own set, and the guys down there are awesome, know Garath and Chris for many years now :D <3 love you guys, cant wait to see you again after all this Covid stuff is done!

While I was cutting and welding to get the new rails on I had the other side of the floor brace bolted up, looks like everything stayed straight as it all bolts up bang on the holes that were drilled for it before starting the rail work, so winner :D

Swapping the rails over was as pretty painless process- well it is on a stripped shell you can flip around, im thinking on a full car it would be more of a pain in the ass. I drilled out the spot welds, cut the rails loose on each end and prised off. putting the new ones on was very easy, just pulg welded through the holes left in the floor from drilling out the old spot welds, added some extra stitch welds and seamed the ends up, job done :D

Very happy to have these new rails on.... the old ones were the worst part of the shell before we started.


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