After spending so much time welding stuff to the shell, its gotta be time to cut stuff off it right? Lets make some more room in those rear arches shall we?

Like I said before,  before I bought the shell Dave had already chopped out and welded up the rear arches to fit some flares..... unfortunately i wanted to go a little bit larger... so out with the ginder and the hammers, oh yeah, and the welder again :D

The process followed was quite simple - it had to be cos I did it.

1) Draw line you want the new lip to take
2) Cut the outer skin at that line
3) Seperate the inner arch from the bit if the outer skin you are getting rid of
4) If you went for a big cut, then right about now you will probably want to put some slits in the inner arch to help with step 5
5) Hammer the inner skin up to the cut line, working around gradually usually works best for this, slowly stretching the inner arch up to meet the new cut line
6) weld the 2 skins together. you might be doing steps 5 and 6 at the same time... tap a bit, weld a bit....

True, I could have done a tidier job, but then again I knnow Im gonna be making some nice big arches to go over the panel, and they will easy cover the little bit of scruff


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