They’re here, they’re hot and they’re in stock… ready to go!

If you follow on the Facebook page, you may have seen, or even had your say on the latest CombustionPunks Logo. Still featuring the classic Punks Piston and spanner, the logo has had a fresh new twist for 2016 and is now available on the Punks clothing range!

punks hoodie jan 16

As well as T-shirts and various zip though/ pull over hoodies, there will soon be more clothing added to the range… All of the Punks clothing can be personalised with names to the front and can be made to order in whichever colour you decide… Photo courtesy of Miljoenen, modeling the latest fleece lined 2016 logo zip up in Hot Orange, because he’s a diva.

Another new addition is the Punks key-ring, tried and tested by the members and proven to be tough and resilient, available now!

There’s now a whole bunch of stickers live via the Shop and more being added daily… Again, designs can be made to order, choose your own size and colour, feeling sparkly? No problem, there’s foils, glitters and all kinds of special vinyls. Decals can be reversed, flipped, made smaller or bigger… There really is no excuse to NOT be rocking a Punks sticker this season!


Of course, there’s also lots of other awesome goodies in the shop too. You can get all of your CombustionPunks Club Events and Show tickets there, as well as Waspworks wide arch kits for the Mazda MX5. Over the next few weeks there will be even newer merch and goodies as we bring in some of the Community made items, available to buy via the Punks Shop soon…

So don’t miss out and be sure to check back for the latest additions and don’t forget, if YOU produce something you’d like to see in the Community section of the shop, drop us a line!

New items available now.




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