As JDM_Clare covered here this year we are having a bit of fun and getting the public voting on ‘Punks cars on stand so we get to know what their favorite is. and at Japfest 2017 this was … Drum Roll Please…

OTTs’. 2002 Subaru impreza ‘bug eye’ Wrx Nbr Special Edition Japanese import

We caught up with him after the announcement and asked him a few questions:-

  1. How long have you had your car?
    A) Ive had the car since 2008 when i was actually looking for an evo 7 but
    it caught my eye and i had to have it and obviously when i heard it i put
    the deposit down lol, i was the first uk owner and its now the longest ive
    ever owned a car.
  2. What have been your sources of inspiration
    A) Ive been a huge fan of dragons for years (6 tattoos to prove) more jap
    style than welsh lol so i always had some form of dragon on my cars and
    this was no exception, as for the now colour it was more down to the ‘other
    half’ and jer being irish
  3. What was your main goal when building your car?
    A) I just want a car i can enjoy i can show to others and just enjoy every
    minute of it, ive had many powerful sporty cars but this is different so i
    guess my goal is i want it to out last me and become a classic, A highly
    modified Classic
  4. What is your favourite mod so far?
    A) Ive not actually done all that much, it came well modded becuase of
    being a special Japanese edition its mostly like a STI than a WRX but i
    suppose the latest mod is the colour- its a bit of a one off paint job
    using a mix of green pearls and Kawasaki ninja green with a little green
    flake too, matches the interior i recovered myself even the motifs all hand
    stitched took me months and now everyone calls it the hulk or ninja turtle
    car lol
  5. What are your future plans?
    A) Well the futures bright but not Orange lol, A remap is on the cards
    maybe a bigger turbo and some arch extensions im even thinking a big
    spoiler too who knows ?
  6. Any shoutouts you want to do?
    A) Shouts yes for sure Phil or pip as you know him lol Thanks to phil at
    RPGDips for the green machines plasti dip body and wheels an amazing job
    and for those @ #teamrpg who have helped me with all things from sanding to
    hose pipe to cups of tea you have all been ace

bit not forgetting the
most awesome club to be part of thank you for having me as part of
Combustion Punks
Ps. The other half for putting up with me stabbing myself with needles this
last year

Spec list:-

Engine. 20L BOXER DOHC 16V AVCS TURBO JAP SPEC (247bhp 248 flb torque
standard) Standard td04l turbo, with close ratio shortshift 5spd box, do
luck panel filter with direct air flow from front fog cover, painted green
intercooler covers and throttle body and dump valve 3ins stainless hks
exhaust system with d-cat

Body. WRX with STI extras as standard jap spec such as hid headlights
uprated brakes and suspension, tinted rear windows and wiper, raised rear
wrx spoiler front fog covers and retractable mirrors.
I put on carbon fibre large bonnet vent carbon wrapped roof, rear spoiler,
side window parts and side markers, tinted rear lights rear splitter
moulded in, large side skirts and front splitter moulded to bumper by pip
(rpg) and reshaped opening on front bumper also black meshed, rear top
mounted spoiler wrapped and dipped, all finished off with bright green
plasti dip with green metal flake.
Wheels. Mania wheels 7.5 x 18″ 225/40s original silver now black gloss
plati dipped with green metal flake.

Suspension standard STI and is stiff as a board no movement at all handles
rather well.

Int. Carbon Wrapped centre and part door cards and clock surround,
recovered rear shelf in green and part door cards, wrapped stereo panel etc
in green also clocks bezel, The seats are original wrx standard which i
removed and unstitched, i replaced panels with green and embroidered the
wrx nbr and my little dragon motif onto the seats myself taking me forever
(still not finished the rear seats yet) done it all by hand as i didnt have
a machine, also green momo steering wheel to go in.

Anything else- yes sorry for this but i have multi colour sound sensitive
under car neons 2 kits in one even in the arches and oh yes it has green

Last but not least i have a page ‘in construction’ on Facebook dedicated to
my car –


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