So with the outsourcing underway - and the updates I keep getting from Lokki - Im under a bit of pressure to do something to hold up my end.... As Lokki predicted - I'm kinda being forced into doing some stuff :D :D

complete disclosure - some of the work I detail in here as being done by myself was actually done by a previous version of myself about a month ago, but I didnt post it up, other bits were done on Saturday just gone :D

So my (intentionally) destroyed engine..... Lokki has pulled her to even smaller parts and sent me images of her poor distended entrails.... all ready for cleaning up....

Rumour has it that she is destined to receive a shiny new oil pump as part of the build.... as can be seen by the teardown pics above - she really is getting a full rebuild <3 very excited to see the ongoing progress.... something tells me that the engine will be ready long before the shell is ready to accept her rebuilt heart.

So what did I get upto while Lokki was slaving ? errrr...... it appears to have involved a grinder again.... and a small amount of welding...

I am aiming for a very stripped out interior... which to start with sounded like a good idea.... now with re-realization is forming , cos I previously went part way on the original Project:Bankruptcy then realised that is actually means a whole lot more work trying to make all the usual things that the Carpet and dash hides look tidy.... so I back tracked that time around.... this time I aint gonna be a wuss.... but I may regret this quite a bit.

So dash and centre console mock up time. The aims are to get the teeny tiny heater matrix from Part 16 to use the standard dash bar for some of the hot air distribution, while making everything look as tidy as possible... and to also hang the head unit, the PDM, and the teeny tiny amp off it... while keeping the wiring tidy enough to be on show..... thats enought to try and sort for the next few sessions so:-

Trimmed off all the dash from the dashbar, and all the usual tabs that are on it to mount all the relays (wont exist) standard stereo, (wont exist) wiring (Will exist, but not at all like the original) and airbag (errr.... wont exist) with all the stuff i'm getting rid of, this should be easy!

next to make  the bit to mount the heater matrix, and allow 2 outlets from it to flow air into the bar and travel right / left...

the premise is that 2 of the outlets slide into those 2 holes at the back of tha bar.... and the butterfly valves control airflow out of the matrix into the driverside / passengerside of the bar, actual vents yet to be added.

next I ... well ok .. I cocked up.. or maybe not, the jury is still out.. Choppy choppy grindy grindy on the bottom half in a carefully designed plan for the mounting of the PDM, only to realise that the planned arrangement wasnt going to work - although the new clearance meant that I had the space to clean up some welds, so now I have:-

And thats pretty much where I got to Saturday... so hopefully tonight get some more done on it... I haz some plans of possible configurations, gonna mock them out and see where I gets to


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