most of the largest items of fabrication work that can be completed with Kara on the spit is pretty much done, so looking at getting her onto her sill stands so we can start on the seat mounts - I am not gonna try and climb my heavy ass into the shell while it is on a spit, on wheels... I'm stoopid, but not quite that stoopid

well no problems.... lets do what we did to get her up there, but in reverse..... oh yeah, getting her up there depended on brute force of quite a few of us, and lockdown has been imposed again.

In the absence of my usual method of doing such things, no big burly mates were called, no rounds of takeaway consumed, I had to resort to other methods.
This involved buying new tools :) and cutting up the new tools :(

While building the first Project:Bankruptcy I had one of those little mobile hand cranked scissor lifts. and for the money it was very useful. that one has long since disappeared into the annuls of history, but I kinda figured it had been useful enough to warrant getting another. I also remember that it wasnt a great width, it came with a few extension kits, but it didnt accurately fit to either the sills or the chassis rails. no worries, looks like it should be easy enough to make it the perfect width. I reckon that making it the same width as the chassis rails, and by putting a caouple of planks either side of it then should be able to use in in the future, eg drive car on planks over it, crank it up, put in sill stands.

here it is, with the minimum extensions installed, as you can see from the butterfly bace rested on top of it, its a bit too wide...

no worries, just need to cut 145mm out of each extension piece, re-drill it and bolt it all together at the correct width. Sparky time!

Next stumbling block is that while for on-going use the lift height is prefect, like it fits to the sill stand height brilliantly, it doesn't quite reach the height that the shell is at on the spit. To be fair, I did know this from the specs.... so had a half assed plan to get her down... it didn't involve using those black plastic storage boxes to take up the space... the actual solution is top secret.

Ok, it did involve the storage boxes.

But look how awesome those sill stands are working out! nice distance from the floor, loads of room under the car (I can pull the scissor lift out) I am very much looking forward to using them

and now I can sit in the car and work out that pesky seat location... and then we are oh so close!!! well apart from the fact that I have decided to tub the front arches because the current patchwork on them is making me unhappy... so quite close :D


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