Anyone who is avidly following the build of my latest folly will have noticed that progress hasn't exactly been stellar the last few months :( unfortunately work has been getting on top of me and I have been finding it hard to get traction. Meanwhile the list of "todos" has some how managed to get longer.... dunno how that happened.... maybe I shouldn't have aimed so high.... or maybe I just should just be banned from buying angle grinders.... either way I have to find a way to crack on and get some progress done.

So what do you do when you have a huge pile of work to do, and not enough time to do it all? Well in the day job I am told to delegate more.... errrr..... well unless the mice in the unit can be trained to weld then well that is a non starter.... so what to do? OUTSOURCE!!! who to outsource to?


You see.... I am very lucky in the friends that I have. and a couple of them after long years of performing great works on their own cars have recently started their own ventures turning tricks for money... not the street walking kind, the kind that turns old worn out cars into awesome stuffs!! So on the weekend when I finally admitted to myself that Im not going to get time to do everything myself so I made a call to Lokki.

Lokki has just started RotRods specialising in MX5s, especially engine rebuilds and painting and has been doing some awesome work <3 had a bit of a sit down with him on Monday and we started plotting some of the ways in which he could help me carry some of the load of this project... concentrating on the engine and drivetrain.  

Then today Lokki and Bear came over to The Wrecktory and tore apart my engine and carted it off in teeny tiny pieces to Bears unit.  Bear has recently started Coda Performance and is based across town from me, and Lokki is currently using some space there for some of his engine rebuild work after quickly outgrowing his garage space working on creations such as you see below from some of his happy customers so far

So what are the plans for my engine? We are not going to tell just yet :) but it is going to be awesome, and a whole lot better than what I was going to have the time or capability to do :D

And Bear? is he just the temporary landlord to my engine? hell no! just the bits I'm going to be asking Coda Performance to help me carry is a little ways down the road for now..... but shhhh... I havn't told him about that yet :D


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