..... and I make little piles of bits on my workbench

The ever-productive Lokki has been cracking on with the clean up of the engines constituent parts, painting up the block, and ordering up a load of internal parts. :) my only contribution so far has been throwing some money at Skidnation and ordering up a sump baffle and coolant reroute kit

So my pile of parts on the workbench - that was me in a n hour spare earlier this week trying to work out how I am going to layout the centre console and mount the main components - Head unit, external amp and PDM.... The initial plan was this....

But after looking at it for a little bit, I figured that I didnt want the tightish bend in the wiring straight after the connector, after all , we are fitting this PDM to cut down on the potential wiring issues, not to have a bunch of them straight at the start of the loom.... so more thinking lead to this, but without all the nasty gaps where things are just precariously balanced on top of each other

with the addition of a cable support panel and the now straight run on the wiring forward to the firewall area this should be better.... I wasnt totally happy with it.. so decided to sleep on it.

then as I was dropping off to sleep I came up with another idea, which I think will work, but as usual means more work, after getting back out of bed to double check it, I think it will work, but we are looking at some more transmission tunnel modifications, more fabrication work, and of course more time. no time this week, but might get chance to work on it Sunday.


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