Lokki is really putting me to shame this last week.... BEHOLD THE ENGINE PROGRESS!!!! look how far he'd taken it... like oh so far along! Painted, Crank, Oil pump.  Head, Cams, Water pump, awesome looking alternator, painted up oh so many things <3

Looking good innit :D Im really stoked :D

Lokki is now on a bit of a pause waiting for some of the other parts to come back from coating... which is good, cos I havn't done too well on that damn centre console.

I managed to get a good run at it today though, and as usual made things more more arduous just chasing a few extra MM and trying to make things look a bit tidier.... when what I had meant to do was the quick build from last time (leaving the awesome idea for the next rebuild)

I ended up deciding to swap the side panels around, to get teh rounded edges on the outside rather than the inside, this also meant that the console is slimmer. I then recessed both the amp and the PDM on mounting plates.... all this sonds ridiculously easy when written down, but it still took a  fair few hours to achieve with fiddling, test fitting, drinking coffee, checking things done clash with each other... and I still need to strengthen it up and put in some horizontal braces and weld it back upto the dash bar. there are a few other benefits though, like it should be easy enough to mount up a couple of trim panels. Hoping to get some more done tomorrow evening.


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