Finished up last time with a VERY rough outline of the centre console, EG some rough plates leant up in the interior, not welded to the dashbar.... This week I have strengthened them up and joined it all together, it is very solid :D . I also finished about 2 months over lamenting where to put the HVAC levers.... after figuring out I could mount them behind the gearstick and route the cables through some very spiffy guides,  Im just leaving them where they were. Yep Im gonna have to do some work on the levers themselves to make them as accessible as possible, but feel its better than taking up elbow room.

On to the next bits... not sure if that is going to be the tabs for the wiring loom, brake lines etc, or working on finishing up the engine bay and sill stands... Coffee is required.

In other news, Lokki from Rotmods  sent me more pictures of temptation over.... but I think I will put them in a seperate post after I have boiled the kettle :D


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