After getting the Centre console pretty much squared away earlier, I moved a teeny tiny further back and tried to start working out the seat mounts.... This did not go so well :( Its kinda tricky to work out where to put the bloody things when you cannot sit in the car... so it looks like I may need to get her off the rack to do the next few interior bits, so I better turn my attention to a few of the other items I will need to do to enable that.... so I went about finishing off some of the welding on the Sill stands, and then started making a list of the next few things.

Luckily while lamenting the need to get the shell off the rack, Lokki sent me more pics to tease me with engine progress..... BEHOLD more Shiny from Rotmods - Oh and Lokkis pwetty pwetty face. Im getting VERY excited!!!

So what do I need to do next? I'm figuring:-

Finish Driver side sill - and Sill mount point
Cut out rest of boot and make mounting lip for floor
Steering column gusset, cut back and box in
Brakepipe mounts
Cable mounts throughout car, inc front wheel arches

Get It off the rack. Put it on the stands

Seat mounts
Foot rests

Back onto Frame
Weld on cable mounts
Clean down, all the wire brushing!
Under Coats ( Lizard Skin thermal and sound deadening)
Paint underneath and interior
Painting the bodywork to be done later,.... I got fibreglassing to do.... And in ALWAYS make a mess fibreglassing so no point in doing the topside until I'm done making that mess

Im never going to get that lot done before the engine comes back!


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