I made a thing! but first , Mick made a thing!

So way back in the day during Bankruptcy proceedings round 1, I fitted an OBP generic Pedal box - cos I wanted a very empty engine bay. I still got the box, but want to improve some bits on it..

This is what it looked like when I bought it

It worked, but it was one of the bits I didnt fully get on with on the car... it was a pain in the ass to fit, the bottom pivot and cylinders under my heals robbed me of a bit of space, and I still had to cut a lot of the floor around to get even the space that I did receive.... so what to do.... yep, lets do the pedals with a top mount pivot... you know, how Mazda intended!

errrr....... how do wedo that? the logic we used was...

  1. Find a spot for the pivot that put pedals as close to where we wanted them as possible.
  2. see if the box we got already will work there....
  3. Realise it wont, plan to make a new box... but wait... that pesky steering column gets in the way, especially the bracket that mounts it to the fire wall.... then we have a couple of issues with moving the pedals a little to the side.
  4. So..... new steering column mount.... so now you are getting to see other reasons for big holes in fire wall.

So, Mick set to work on narrowing the steering column mount while I did some more roughing up and planning the pedal box. Behold Steering column mount and the plate for the base of the pedal box....

now we had some thing better to work around, and a base to work off.... time for cardboard and drawing and cutting and grinding, and a teeny bit of welding...

scientific yeah?

So its in... and everything pivots, and nowt hits anything... just the small question of all pedals being a teensy bit over to the left from where the straight pedals had to go either side of the column. We are going to sort that out by dog-legging them, but will do this when the car is off the spit and I can sit in and best judge where exactly I want them.


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