Skyline ownership has been faultess up until February 2020. Myself and my fiance Louise went for a drive around the B roads of Norfolk. All was well until we drove through a village and had to pull over slightly to allow a que of cars through. As I pulled forward there was an almighty crunch from the passenger side, I had hit a hidden curb....crap!

Long story short, I got the alloys repaired and repainted and it kind of put me off from driving it how I wanted to. I feared if we went out in the future down a similar road and a large lorry or tractor came the opposite direction, I wouldn't be able to put the car into a hedge to get by, pearl paint isn't cheap to fix!

We got talking and the suggestion of a cheap fun hatchback cropped up in conversation. Reminiscing of the 'old days' and how much we missed the red Micra we decided to look for another one.

With the intention of it being a cheap B road beater, it didn't need to be mint. The term shitbox was used quite alot and still is haha

Having a small budget didn't help with the search but we found a 2nd facelift 1.0 model about 45mins away. We went to have a look and it was as described for the most part.

The clutch and cable had been changed 6 months prior but the clutch pedal was really tough and stuck half way up during travel (which made gear changes quite entertaining). The engine had an intermittant noise which sounded like a idler bearing or waterpump. The paint work was faded, the N/S rear arch has had a scrape and the sills weren't in the best condition, but the front cross member was mint with no visible corrosion.

We made a deal based on the issues and I drove away happy. I had forgotten how sluggish the 58bhp 1.0 hatchbacks were, the drive how felt like a life time.

The first thing I did when I got it home was to wash it to get some decent photos

The driver's door has had a ding at some point. It was quite bad as the top would close flush before the bottom. Abit of pulling about and managed to get it to close straighter, just a shame about the door edge but hey ho

The N/S rear arch has had a scrape and the arch lip is badly corroded. The outer sill is very rusty so both will be cut out and replaced at a later date.

The engine bay is quite clean for a 68k-ish mile car. Nothing exciting to see I'm afraid.

The interior is a two (maybe three) tone grey. Not the worst interior by a long shot but very basic.

Let the project begin!


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