Before I could get stuck in with modifying I needed to get a fresh MOT despite having a month or so left on the current certificate, COVID-19 allowed a 6 month extension but buying an unknown car I wasn't going to take the risk.

The offside trackrod end was practically hanging off, how the car drove without trying to kill me is beyond me. The inner sills needed a small patch each side and was done within a week along with the track rod end and wheel alignment.

Other advisories were 3 tyres and an oil leak. We knew we'd be changing the wheels at some point and with the vehicle not being a daily driver we were happy to wait to sort it.

Now that was out of the way the fun could begin. Of course I'd be taking inspiration from the previous red K11,purely for the fact it had alot of cool bits fitted and I loved the look of it.

The first idea was some DTM style door mirrors, mainly because I still had a pair of brand new mirrors stored away. Searching the inter-web it was impossible to find any Mirca specific base plates. I came across a website who had a catalog of mirrors and base plates. Scrolling through I noticed VW Golf Mk3 base plates looked very similar in shape. A status on Facebook got me a reply from a friend who had some M3 style mirrors with Golf base plates. He brought them over for me to test fit and see if they'd work, with abit of drilling I reckon I could make them work.

The locating pins needed to be removed and new holes for the mounting studs.

They fit pretty well on the car! The baseplates are slightly larger than the door shape but it honestly doesn't look too out of place.

Coming up....

New wheels!


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