The first major decision for the build were the wheels.

Being 4x100 there are countless wheels on the market but most didn't/wouldn't suit. I had a rough idea of what I wanted the car to look like but it was difficult visualising wheels on a car which didn't have the supporting changes.

After a search on Google,Facebook and the forums I came across some examples of BMW E30 14" bottletop wheels on a couple of K11s

I managed to find some locally for a total sum of £40.00, bargain! The wheels were in pretty good condition with the odd curb rash, but what do you expect for wheels that came off a 30 year old car.

A friend kindly offered to sand blast them ready for me to paint them. Originally we thought white, but the spoke design would make keeping them clean a nightmare. The second choice was a gun metal grey, silver may be too plain/boring. I hate black wheels so that was out of the question (I feel the wheel design gets lost amongst the tyre)

I also found a set of 185/55r14 locally from a friend for the grand total of £40.00, this saved us alot of money early on.

With all of the parts finally arriving, it was time to finally lower the car. Alot of people tend to go with Corsa B coilovers, but I didnt like the idea of drilling/filing the top mount holes on the car. So we went for the Daewoo Matiz set up instead.

This compromises of Mk1 Daewoo Matiz 35mm lowering springs (rear only) on front K11 shock absorbers. The rears are Corsa B KYB shocks with 're-engineered' K11 35mm lowering springs. I've read of people complaining about the rear springs being too soft if you use the originals, thats why we went for lowering springs instead.

I ran into some issues along the way, sadly it wasn't all plain sailing. Firstly the driver side inner CV joint popped out. Secondly the upper nuts on the rear shocks wouldn't undo due to the centre spinning in the locking grips. In the end I cut the shock to get them out, made abit of a mess in the boot (oops).

The last thing was the collar from the original panhard rod was seized on the car and took alot of grinding to get it right.

Browsing through the Facebook pages and market place and I found a universal back box made to fit the K11. Being quite impatient I drove almost 2 hours to go collect it. Being a second facelift the rear bumper doesnt really have an exhaust cut out, so the backbox sits lower than the others which made fitting it that little bit more tricky. But we got around it and my bumper cutting even surprised me!

I also made a start on painting the chrome and faded plastics, starting with the bonnet grilles and fog light covers.


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