With the interior stripped and the sun visors replaced with the 5 panel wink mirror, it got quite dangerous when it came to driving during sunset. A friend helped me fit a sun strip which should solve this issue

I decided to make a DIY front splitter made from garden edging, the idea came from a Mighty Car Mods video. Originally it was riveted on but the bottom edge was too wavvy. So I made some aluminium plates to go behind to give it some rigidity, for it to still be wavvy *sigh*

In the end I had to use stainless M6 bolts because the holes opened up too much for replacement rivets

I was on the search for some MG/Rover side skirts to modify to fit, mainly because I knew what they looked like on the car but the cheapest pair I could find was £65 shipped.

Thats when a friend contacted me after she saw a facebook status of mine, saying don't buy any she may have some in the garage. After a search she found a pair of Civic EK skirts she said I could have for free, winner!

I cut about 6" off the front and kept the sweeping edge just like the original fitment on the civic. With the skirt flipped upside down, I then had a flat edge to use to mount against the sill. The passenger rear arch that has the damage now requires more work. I was tapping the sill to see where the solid metal was and my finger went through.....oops! Luckily the skirt hides the hole for now.

When I purchased the E30 bottle top alloys they only came with 2 centre caps. I managed to find 3 more for the grand sum of £20 posted, so those were sprayed and some monochrome BMW badges were fitted to finish them off. If the wheels didnt have BMW in the casting we would have gone for something else, I quite like them with the 'proper' badge.


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