, May 12, 2021

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Micra K11 Blog Entry 010

  •   2 min reads
Micra K11 Blog Entry 010

During the early days of ownership I came across a company called Gizfab. These guys specialise in stainless exhaust systems, adjustable suspension arms, chassis braces and even turbo kits!

One item in particular caught my eye and that was their cross brace, which would suit the Kanjo theme to a T!

Another item from Gizfab was their Devil Wing

I noticed the boot spoiler had started to catch on the roof, despite no signs of catching when we originally fitted it.

I measured up the overall length of the gas struts and searched through a supplier's book at work to see what would fit. It seems K12 struts are 50mm shorter and should do the job.

Theres less head room now with the boot opened, but the spoiler no longer catches, thats something I can live with

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