I had a pair of K11 March number plate lights hiding in my garage for awhile so it was time to fit them. The original boot handle holes will get welded when the NSR arch gets repaired, for now some tape will do.

You may have spotted the new rear lip. After struggling to find a Seat Ibiza splitter to copy the last K11, I needed to find an alternative. A friend breaks and builds Volvos and he had a 940 lip spare. Some chopping about later and it fits surprisingly well

Another item on my to-do list was to change the tail lights. Alot of people tend to fit the March prefacelift or cabriolet lights. I was very close to buying some cabriolet ones until I saw a photo of some Kouki March lights which had been split, inner coloured lenses removed making them red and clear.

I spoke to Andrew from Micra Mafia on Facebook who had stock of the stock kouki lights and placed an order. While I was waiting for them to arrive I ordered some chrome bulbs. Although now having them fitted, I think i'll need to order some LED stop/tail as the tail light element isn't very bright


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