Sunday 22nd November

Spent a couple of hours in the afternoon on the car. Unfortunately I couldnt do much until parts arrive but I managed to tick off a few smaller jobs

Fuse box and plugs cleaned
Battery tray fixed down
Battery earth fitted
Earth points cleaned to bare metal and fitted
Coolant hose/wiring clips fitted
Alternator tensioned
Exhaust manifold bolted up to front pipe
Slam panel loosely fitted
Label cable tie tags removed
Injector and Coilpack plugs cleaned
Wiper motor refitted

Today Wednesday 25th November

It was certainly a roller-coaster of a day   * sigh *

Finished painting the top of the Slam panel
Filled the gearbox with fluid
Fitted the radiator, fan and hoses

Laid on the floor to tighten the last jubilee clip, noticed the floor was wet. Gearbox oil was pissing out because the driveshafts weren't pushed in all the way 🤦‍♂️ Threw some sand down to help soak it up

Removed and refitted the driveshafts, made a nice 'pop' as I pushed it in this time round. Refilled with another litre of fluid and so far no more leaks 🤞🤞

Refitted the radiator (was easier to refill with it out of the way). Also fitted the new coolant expansion tank

Next wednesday should see the last remaining jobs done and hopefully its first start up


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