Today I wanted to get the last remaining jobs ticked off the list and hopefully turn the key.

First job was to fit the Almera N15 GA16 Airbox and air ducting. I found some 51mm reinforced air duct in the garage that I purchased for the supercharged MX5 but never got round to using it. I ordered a 73-51mm silicone reducer and I had some 50mm stainless tube spare to make a joiner. The ducting fits perfectly in the hole behind the coolant reservoir which was a bonus.

I also fitted a freshly painted strut brace, no idea on the brand as there are no markings on it. I bought it from Chloe along with the box because I knew it would clear. Some stainless M10 bolts finished it off a treat

I wasnt happy with how awful the OEM PAS reservoir looked, so I ordered a Mishimoto item along with some male adapters and elbow fixings because I needed them facing downwards. I made a bracket because the bolt holes were different, turns out the hoses were quite alot different than I had originally planned. I switched one fitting back to the original but due to the length of the hoses its now moved the tank approx 90 degrees, making the new bracket redundant.

I'll keep the new bracket and make a triangle bracket and hope one mounting bolt on top is enough for support.

With the engine oil, PAS and coolant now filled it was time to start it up. It didnt quite start first time (more like 3) but it started none the less. A couple of issues...

- The idle is currently around 1500rpm, thats because I couldnt check until the engine was started
- Exhaust manifold is blowing (I picked a gasket from work which 'looked' correct, turns out it wasnt. The correct one will be ordered tomorrow)
- Engine Management Light is on

I used my OBDII reader and it came back with

P1605 - A/T Diagnostic Communication Line

Because the engine and ECU are from an Auto model, the ECU can't see the CVT Controller. Fitting a 1.4 manual ECU would solve it, but its finding one with the key and transponder

By this point it had gotten dark and started to rain. I managed to get the headlights and bumper refitted just to 'finish it' off.

My to-do list is now:

- Adjust throttle cable
- Make a bracket for the PAS reservoir
- Make a bracket for the airbox
- Make a bracket for the air duct
- Paint any bolts that weren't replaced with stainless
- Fit arch liners and undertray
- Replace exhaust manifold gasket
- Test drive


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