There comes a stage with every car build I have where the car is looking really good (perhaps perfect in some eyes) and nothing needs to be changed or altered. Then I get an idea in my head, become determined to carry out said idea(s) thus ruining the car completely. Sometimes it works in my favour and it works and looks good, other times not so much and I live with regret until I do something about it.

For example, I admit the Purple MX5 looked its ABSOLUTE best when the wide arches,garage vary taillights, mazdaspeed bumper and Work Meister S1s were installed. It was simple, stylish and looked stunning. Then I got bored and decided to do the aero and chassis mount wing (cue the idea in my head)

Anyway.... its now got to that stage with the Micra build

I decided to fit a prefacelift front end haha

Lets rewind to the fitting process

With all of the facelift panels removed, I started with fitting the bonnet (hood) along with the front wings (fenders). With these in place the headlamps bolt in and you'll always have great fitment around the edge of the headlamp.

I couldnt resist a comparison photo between the two

Removal of the original wings was straight forward until it got to the bottom where it bolts to the sills. Both sides had suffered severe corrosion and there was no chance of removing them with a socket. With the help from the angle grinder I cut the wing off leaving the flat piece with the bolts still on the car. A little while later I got the bolts off and was left with two holes ready for the new wing to be bolted on.

To fit the bumper the front mount block box things needed trimming on the outer edges

The prefacelift bonnet catch was fitted and the aerocatches removed for the time being (unsure whether to refit them or not)

Next job was the headlamp wiring. The facelift units have seperate bulb holders for the indicator and sidelight. Where as the prefacelift uses a single plug to feed power to both lights.

I used some waterproof plugs we sell at work to make an adapter loom

I also copied the same wiring to the facelift lights so they're both interchangable (not that I plan on swapping back, but you never know)

The side repeater wiring needed swapping too which is just 2 wires each.

And there we have it, a front end swap :)

This isn't the final form, theres more to come :P


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