Back in October I bought some Almera N15 1.6 calipers. These are a single piston caliper with 252mm vented discs,compared to the K11 single piston caliper with 234mm solid discs

With the brakes stripped off I wire brushed the hubs and shock absorber body down ready for a lick of paint. I also replaced the lower suspension arms as the ball joint dust covers had started to split and the bushes had seen better days.

I was going to go with Mtec dimpled/grooved discs and their pads but went for a cheaper option for now.I managed to get a pair of Pagid discs from Euro Car Parts for £14.28. Along with some Blueprint brake pads for £20.00 that I got from my work.

The current pads didnt have a huge amount of material left and the discs had a lip too (yes i know i could have gotten many more miles out of these)

I also purchased a pair of new hoses but I couldnt crack off the brake pipe union, so I'll leave those for another day.

Believe it or not I have never bled brakes before so it was a great time to learn. Much easier than I thought, dont know why I had put it off for so long!

With everything bolted up it was time for a test drive. Instantly I heard a rotational scraping noise.

Turns out the pad retaining clip was catching the end of the disc

Nothing the angle grinder couldnt sort

Got everything back together, took it for a test drive and no more noise

(These were before the test drive, the discs were cleaned once assembly was completed)

Next job for the front is to remove the arch liners, clean and underseal the arches to finish it off


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